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Metabolic Balance® Programme 

This highly individualized weight-loss programme uses blood test analysis to identify imbalances that need support to help reset metabolic processes and return you to optimal health. Highly successful, it produces safe, sustainable weight loss, and provides full support over the initial 3-month period. 

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Eat Clean Metabolic Detox

This 14-day detox programme is a perfect kick-start to a healthier lifestyle. It focuses on natural foods to help support the liver and digestion, leaving you energised, lighter but never hungry! A great option if you’re getting ready for a holiday or wedding and want to start making positive changes.

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Functional Sports Nutrition

Are you struggling to move your sports performance on? Or feeling overly fatigued and no longer engaged with your training? A consultation can analyse what is happening within your body chemistry to help identify and address imbalances that may be holding you back from reaching your goals.

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