What would it mean to you to have more energy?  Getting back into a sport you love? Being able to play with your children, or your grandchildren? One of the most common complaints that I hear in clinic is from clients who report feeling ‘tired all the time’.


This is often blamed on a busy, stressful lifestyle, and accepted as ‘just part of life’. Often it is only investigated as an add-on to other health objectives.


But low energy is not only a consequence of a busy life and there may be something untoward underlying the issue. Unexplained fatigue may have a medical cause, so a visit to your GP is warranted. But if you’ve been this route and it has been inconclusive it may be time to investigate the other numerous factors that could be at play.

From a poor diet, or a lack of nutrients, to hormone imbalances, digestive dysfunction, food intolerances, adrenal fatigue, or depression, a Nutritional Therapy consultation using the Functional Medicine model can help to identify the underlying causes of your low energy and start to address the issue so that you can get back to enjoying life fully again.

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