Good Food Works - Nutritional Therapy

It’s important that I understand all of your health issues, concerns and motivations when considering the right programme for you.  For that reason our work together begins with the analysis of your health questionnaire and continues during a 60-90 minute initial consultation during which we will drill down further into your health history to make sure I have a thorough understanding of all the factors that may be contributing to your symptoms.

The Coaching Process

At the end of the initial consultation you’ll have a better insight into what’s going on in your body and I will be in a position to create a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme.


Changing habits around food choices can be a slow process.  It can be daunting and challenging.  For that reason client support is normally offered during a number of consultations over 1 month or 3 months, with the flexibility to extend this as necessary.

Good Food Works - Antioxidants

This approach needs regular coaching so we’ll agree diary dates for regular catch ups and follow up consultations as we work towards long term, sustainable change. During these unique coaching sessions you’ll receive encouraging advice and tips to help you reach your health goals.


We introduce changes at a speed that suits you, while also producing results in the most effective way.  I fully appreciate that your life may be hectic and you have other demands on your resources, so the process will be collaborative and reflective of the other priorities in your life.


The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and supported while you get used to your programme, so regular dialogue and feedback is an essential part of the process.

As a nutritional therapist I use the Functional Medicine model to identify the causes of symptoms.  More more on how Functional Medicine works please see FAQS.

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