Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Good Food Works - Nutritional Therapy

Around 131m work-days are lost to sickness each year – the equivalent of 4.5 days per working adult.  With many workers continuing to work when ill – unwittingly spreading their germs around the office – it stands to reason that prevention is better than cure! 

So helping your team to access good nutritional advice could be a great way to bolster their health, reducing absences and increase energy and focus. 

Staff retention has always been important and providing a benefits package that includes well-being consultancy is an attractive proposition to many employees, who want to feel well, as well as valued!

Good Food Works - Nutritional Therapy


Do you run learning lunches, soapboxes, or any other 45-60 minute sessions to help educate your staff on matters relating to your work environment or business field?  Why not add a nutrition workshop to the list?  Employees may come to understand the difference between good food and bad food choices. And in doing so they’ll be more equipped to avoid those late afternoon energy slumps and feel on more of an even keel generally!



I have presented on popular subjects such as maintaining energy at work, nutrition and stress management, boosting the immune system, as well as more general presentations covering weight management, detoxing and sports performance.



These sessions can be fun and engaging with an open forum for questions and discussions – guaranteed to bring a new sense of energy to the workplace!

Nutrition Writing

The wider we can spread the message that Good Food Works the better! Do you have a staff magazine or blog? Why not add a nutrition and well-being column to it – subjects covered can be tailored to your team, and can even include a question and answer section to fully engage with them. Once a brief is taken, a targeted article will be supplied for inclusion in your next issue!

1-2-1 Consultations

If you have a ‘well-being’ aspect to your employee benefits package, you may be interested in adding a personalized nutritional consultation to your offering.  This is an area that is becoming increasingly important and attractive to many people and may also have a bearing on any private health scheme you offer too!



Does your company offer a cash plan?  If you have a staff benefit from Westfield Health or Health Shield, you may be able to claim for Nutritional Therapy consultations through your benefits package!

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