Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Many sports people seek advice on how to introduce the perfect mix of nutrients at the correct time to help improve their performance.  With Functional Sports Nutrition, I take a step back and before optimising nutrient timing I consider how well the body is functioning.

After all, if digestive function is impaired and the body is not able to absorb nutrients fully, this needs to be addressed first.

This is a common problem for endurance athletes whose sport puts an enormous amount of stress on the digestive system, diverting energy from digestion, and compromising defences and immune function.

Similarly over-training and under consumption of calorific foods leads many athletes to poor health, characterised by low energy or fatigue. Identifying and correcting these imbalances can help many sportsmen and women to improve their overall health and sports performance.

I work with triathletes, rowers, tennis players, squash players and bodybuilders to help optimise their health and reach their goals, considering digestive health, hormone balance, immune function and detoxification pathways as part of my overall approach.

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