Weight Management

Weight Management

There are many reasons why weight loss can be challenging for many of us. You may be eating a healthy diet, but it may not suit your body – barriers may be created by other responses that you are unable to identify.  Consequently, any clients seeking weight loss advice will be asked to complete a full health questionnaire which can help to identify such barriers in order to provide a lasting solution and provide a tailored approach to help individual clients to reach their goals.

There are also specific programmes that I offer which have significant success rates:


Metabolic Balance® is a highly individualised weight-loss programme based on 20 years of research by German scientists and nutritionists. It uses blood test analysis to identify imbalances that can then be supported to help reset metabolic processes and return each individual to optimal health, with safe weight loss.


The programme is supervised with regular contact with your coach over the course of 3 months, through 3 phases, until goals are reached and a ‘maintenance’ programme is introduced.


There are no supplements on this programme. You will be given specific food lists and detailed instructions to follow regarding mealtimes, quantities and ratios of food – all planned to provide the exact nutrients that your blood test revealed were needed.

Metabolic Balance® requires strict adherence, so will not suit everyone. However, those that complete the programme experience excellent weight loss results, and other improvements to overall health are often reported.  


The programme addresses:

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Metabolic Balance® Structure

  • Phase 1: This is a gentle 2 day ‘cleanse’, during which you will be given specific instructions on eating 3 simple meals per day.
  • Phase 2: For the subsequent 14 days you are in the ‘strict’ phase, and will be given instructions on specific quantities and combinations of foods to eat, to help your metabolism switch to fat burning as the preferred fuel. During this phase only light exercise may be taken as this will affect the process.
  • Phase 3: After successfully completing Phase 2 you will progress to a more relaxed programme, introducing a wider range of foods and building on the meals that you have eaten in Phase 2 until you reach your health/weight loss goal. You will be encouraged to enjoy a ‘treat’ day once a week, and you will be able to reintroduce your normal exercise regime.
  • Phase 4: When you’ve reached your goal you will move to the final phase which allows yet more freedom in your food choices, while still observing the main principles that you have learned over the previous months.


Your programme will be supported over 3 months by 7 consultations with your coach. These are planned at key points in the process to help you transition from one phase to the next and maintain your commitment and motivation levels.  You should expect to meet at the outset – to receive the results of your blood test and your bespoke programme.  The second consultation will be towards the end of phase 2, helping you to move into phase 3 and recording progress so far. Follow up consultations will then be held regularly as you transition through phase 3, to monitor progress and record vital statistics.

An initial no-obligation consultation is available to discuss Metabolic Balance® before you commit, to ensure that the programme is appropriate for you and your health goals.

For more information please contact me on 020 3239 0887 / sarah@goodfoodworks.co.uk

Cost: Inclusive of blood test, bespoke plan and 7 consultations £795